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Apple Tree Children's Center

The Early Education Professionals

October 1, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to share my experience in having Frank and Kimberlee Spillers as speakers at our recent annual training session.  Apple Tree Children’s Center has 8 programs in Iowa and we provide early care and education to approximately 750 children on a daily basis.  We employ approximately 160 early childhood educators and provide them with two full-day training opportunities per year.  Frank and Kimberlee presented a full day of interactive, informative, and intriguing training that reached every employee! 

As a result of their “Be WUCA” session, I have seen positive differences in regards to the interactions of our teachers with parents, children, and co-workers.  I’ve had comments from our teachers that indicate they look at customer service in a differing light as a result of this training.  Because the “Be WUCA” philosophy encompasses the professional arena as well as personal lives, it was engaging for our entire group for the entire day.  I say this because our teachers are used to moving, dancing, singing, and playing with children throughout their work day.  So, for this group to be engaged and interested the entire time indicates they were immersed in the information presented!!  Frank and Kimberlee are dynamic speakers and are adept at gaining (and keeping!) attention and focus of all participants!     

As the Regional Manager for Apple Tree Children’s Centers, I would highly recommend utilizing Frank and Kimberlee Spillers for your next training session.  I was enthusiastic about the content of their presentation and even more impressed by the changes I’ve seen with our employees as a result of the information presented!   If I can provide any further information or answer any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 


Kristen Hopton

Regional Manager