Community Leadership Institute

Jump-start your "community" team's energy level, productivity, engagement, volunteerism, youth in 2018 with our "Small Community Leadership Institute!"

We all belong to many communities in many forms: your business/workplace/department, family, organization, place of worship, neighborhood, or the town where you live. If you deal with people on any level, this Institute is perfect for you as business owners/workers, teachers, administrators, managers, elected officials, government employees, community organizers, volunteers on any level, organizational management professionals, family leaders, church leaders, or just if you want to improve relationships!!! 

Our 18-hour Small Community Leadership Development Institute (SCLDI) trains people in decision-making for management, leadership. and community growth when you know why your specific community should exist and are personally motivated in its success. New leaders become involved, equipped, and engaged in addressing your small community issues. When you  strengthen your community's ability to identify opportunities and approach needs and problem-solve in innovative ways with fresh ideas AND people, you spark new life because:

when people help write the plan, they will help it succeed.

The Small Community Leadership Institute equips people with take-home, ready-to-use tools to understand healthy community decision-making. New voices and ideas are allowed, expressed and included in development and planning.

All classes will be held at Iowa Western Community College, Cass County Center, Atlantic, Iowa on two consecutive Friday/Saturdays.

February 9th – 5:30 – 9:00       February 10th – 8:30 – 5:00      February 16th – 5:30 – 9:00      February 17th – 8:30 – 5:00

Send THREE and pay for TWO: $150.00/person; $300.00/per 3-person community team!

The fee includes:

The popular book, "The Be WUCA! Way, The ART of getting along," and its leadership curriculum, workbook, light supper, breakfast, snacks included; Saturday lunch on own.

The class is capped at the first 50 individuals/teams. 

Reserve your spot today by contacting Kim, 712-250-0275 or

These weekends already booked or you're in another state? Let's talk and get an Institute going for you!

Make 2018 be your BEST year yet - we know how to help you achieve your goals!

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Frank and Kimberlee Spillers

Instructors – Frank and Kimberlee Spillers, co-owners of Global Horizons, an Atlantic, Iowa company with 30 years growing rural areas.

Please register BY January 27, 2018 to allow material preparation with, 712-250-0275.