I Have a Be WUCA! Dream

I have a dream that one day businesses, schools, churches, communities, and organizations will create an environment where all people and society will

Welcome, Understand, Comfort, and Appreciate themselves and others!

When we live the principles of "The Be WUCA! Way," an environment of civility is created in our workplace, school, community, place of worship, organization, and country.

When we live WUCA!, we will have loving families, happier employees, more volunteers, larger memberships, and growing populations.

When we live WUCA!, we will  find more smiling people, and dialogue more effectively between differing opinions. We will enjoy a respectful political landscape where our language lifts and sifts ideas and concepts, improving our country and world.

When we live WUCA!, environments change. Bullying will cease. Schools will produce passionate learners, churches will reflect the love they preach, and communities will engage all its citizens to benefit everyone.

When we live WUCA!, our workforce will support and strive toward a common purpose, families grow together, and individuals understand and accept others.

When we live WUCA!, every customer, every employee, every volunteer, every spouse, every friend, every person will be accepted and respected.

I have a dream that when we live WUCA! in families, schools, churches, communities, businesses, and organizations, everyone will reflect a healthier attitude. People will talk with each other, not about each other. Families will experience healing. Communities, growth and innovation. Churches, love. Businesses, prosperity. And individuals will rise to discover purpose and support others.

I have a dream that when all people:

Learn WUCA!        Do WUCA!        Teach WUCA!

We will change the world.

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