Be WUCA! Leadership Is Living the Change You Wish to See!

When you are in a leadership position, you are required to be the change that you wish. From our experience as business owners, and our current experience working with high school students to develop a stronger workforce, we offer a few tips for any position for you to be a strong Be WUCA! leader in your family, church, and workplace. 1)    Create an emotionally-exciting vision. People get really fired up for a cause or a dream and will support and work for something they believe in that touches what they value.

2)    Talk about your vision. Truly great motivators know that well-chosen words, repeated often enough, will gain a following. When you talk about your vision, you can’t be afraid of doomsayers who will object to the vision and say why it can’t be done. You can’t be intimidated by the criticism of others.

3)    Act with enthusiasm! Show your passion! Let people see it in your actions and hear it in your words. If you are a leader, or aspire to be a leader, you can’t be shy, reserved, distant, or unavailable. The same is true in your business, or in any business. If you want your employees to get motivated, demonstrate your enthusiasm! Demonstrate that you care about them and that you are excited about what is happening in their lives and how their positive actions benefit your business.

4)    Believe in your people. More than anything else, it is your attitude toward people that will determine the success or failure of all your attempts to motivate them. Look at yourself and at the people your attitude touches. Do you believe in them? How you believe in people and how you treat people makes all the difference in the world. If you really do believe in them, demonstrate your unwavering commitment - not easy in today’s rapidly-changing world.

5)    Demand excellence. Hold people accountable to their actions. Your insistence on excellence in you and others is a statement of caring. Lou Holtz, the great football coach said, “If you desperately need people to like you, you will never have their respect. You must be willing to tell people when they do not meet the standards of excellence and you must be willing to correct their mistakes. You must be willing to look for the things people do right. More importantly, if we catch people doing things right, that will motivate them and make them enthusiastic and give them the passion to do the correct thing.”

Be a leader! Be WUCA!(c)