Global Horizons, LLC will WUCA!-ize ONE MILLION PEOPLE in 2016 when we repopulate rural America, increase employee engagement, and increase graduation rates in high schools using our Be WUCA! Way, The ART of getting along curriculum. 

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Bring The Be WUCA! Way workshop to your business, school, community, or organization. Learn then master the soft skills that lead to success in relationships and work!

The Be WUCA! Way

the ART of getting along

The purpose of Global Horizons, LLC is to create environments that engage all people in building the future. 

We do this by providing, creating, and teaching innovative processes that bring the best out of people to move them forward in

The Be WUCA! Way!

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Download your "Mirror Affirmations" and Post them on your mirror. Read them out loud every morning and every evening.

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The Be WUCA! Way


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